McShane Arabians is a modest ranch located in the sunny High Desert of Southern California.  Since she was seven years old, owner, Rebecca, has had great horses of many breeds, beginning with an Appendix mare off the track. When she was a young girl, Rebecca gained a love for Arabians which started when she saw a drawing of a beautiful grey mare named Cor Rita in an art book.  She also had an ongoing special penpal relationship with children's author, Marguerite Henry, who wrote Misty of Chincoteague, and many other magical horse books.  Rebecca and Marguerite communicated from the time Rebecca was seven until Marguerite passed on in her mid 90s.

Rebecca purchased her first Arabian in 1992, a lovely Fadjur bred mare named BJS Yuliya.  With this purchase Rebecca was able to realize her love affair with Arabians and was introduced to breeding by a friend who owned a Baske Tu son.  After breeding to several outside stallions, one day she had the opportunity to purchase her own stallion, a pure Polish *Aladdinn son.  True to the Clan McShane motto, "Nothing Worth Having Comes Easily,"  Rebecca dove in and began her adventure into the realm of stallion and mare handling and showing Class A.  Adding her thirty five years of owning horses, coupled with the help of knowledgeable friends in the industry, Rebecca worked hard and gained her breeding experience hands on.  McShane Arabians is dedicated to breeding quality over quantity, and Rebecca welcomes mares of all breeds with exceptional pedigrees not only preserve the integrity of the Arabian breed, but to custom create intelligent, kind, athletic, beautiful Purebred and Half Arabians.

Rebecca spent time as a patrol officer in a large city before she became mother to her third daughter but now has a career in Code Enforcement which does not require shiftwork and allows her to spend quality time with her children. She battles and makes slumlords, deadbeat property owners, and tenants be held accountable for their crime, blight, and general laziness. "Bi Ag Feithmeah!"  Bill, her husband, helps when he can and enjoys his career as a Project Manager at a large engineering company that builds bridges and freeway.  They have four daughters and hobbies include, flyfishing, camping, shooting, and Victorian Living History re-enactment. (

The McShane Arabians farm name was created because Rebecca felt it important to preserve her heritage and to honor her living McShane family and McShane ancestors.  Rebecca was recently told by the Chief of the McShane clan, J.R. McShane Johnson, that the Irish have horses in their blood, horses are the sport of Kings and we were ones ourselves.  This would explain the inbred passion and love for horses that has not only been an integral part of Rebecca's entire life, but to the Irish people as well.
Amanda playing with Penny
Sadie, our Chesapeake Bay Retriever.
Amanda (the next Irish generation!)  and Sparkler loving on each other.
Rebecca shown with her deceased but forever treasured, *Aladdinn son, RV Baskadin
My husband who helps me now more than ever, especially with our little one on the way.
Abbey & Sadie with their one true love.
We live where it snows in the desert!
A proud and hard-earned moment