Calico Dave his wife, Lester and his wife Clara Belle.
Calico Hall of Famers
(above and below)
Living History and Reenactments
Calico Ghost Town, Barstow Harvey House, Parades,  Hesperia Days, & other events...more to come!
Me and Jeannie (left) at Victor Valley College
Mayor Lester P. Larceny, Me, Amanda, and Sheriff Riccochet
Amanda & Lester, Calico Days 2004
Grandpa and Aunt June visiting from Oregon
Over the Hill Gang,
Victor Valley College 2006
Lester & Santa, Amanda's Jr Deputy pinning
Dick & Bonnie visiting from Ohio, Pogo Roulette Buddies!
Calico Days, 2005...and with our category trophy!
Calico Days 2005 parade
Odessa Red with newspaper.
Boardwalk on Main St.
Apple Valley Days Parade, 2006
Lester in a gunfight... he dies great!
110 degrees in the Calico shade!
Hanks Hotel
Two of my girls panning for gold!
Me and Amanda, Hanks Hotel
My newest dress...1885 visiting dress.
Harvey House Hullabaloo 2009 with my friend, Nugget Norm, with the Buffalo Soldiers, and posing at the HH Railroad station.
Me at the Harvey House during a photo op event approx 2006.
Nugget Norm and friends.
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